The smallest model in the CT series.

It is the golden intersection between small and medium productions.



The CT-1502 doubles your production with the low cost CF-1501 while it measures almost the same space as the 100cm X 95cm X 160cm.

The model CT-1502 has the following unmatched features

. Maximum embroidery field 400mm X 450mm per head

. 8-inch touch screen

. Reinforced anti-vibration support table

. New redesigned head for lower noise

. Speed 1000 bpm

. New pantograph driver system

. USB port

. 15 colors

. Servo motors

. Memory 16,000,000 stitches

.Clipping System with Servo Motor

. 4 double rows of stitches for sewing clothes

. One-piece box

. Caps for hats



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