A new way of printing that came to change the data.

It combines the advantages of digital printing such as photographic image quality, vivid colors, soft texture, instant printing of even a single piece of your computer with the advantages of the heat transfer stamp such as the ability to save for future use, the application in a variety of types fabrics (cotton, blended, polyester, leather, denim, etc.) without color changes as well as great durability.

The process is fully automated from start to finish.

The printer prints the colors and the base directly on a special roll, then places the heat-sealing powder on the printed surface, dries the image in the built-in oven and reassembles it into a ready-to-use roll. The heat transfer takes place at 165 degrees for 12 seconds.

After it cools down you can pull out the paper and… ready!


Maximum print range: 60cm X current meter
Maximum print resolution: 1440 x 1440dpi
Two CMYK + White heads 180 x 8 = 1440 nozzles
Maximum print speed: 15m / hour
Printer dimensions: 170cm X 70cm X 130cm Weight 160 kg
Dryer dimensions: 170cm X 120cm X 110cm Weight 240 kg


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